Matt Martin - Full-Stack JavaScript


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hey, that's me!

Hello! I'm Matt.

The last two years have been an incredible educational journey for me, in which I've gone from web development student to front-end intern to full-time developer.

This site is a product of my latest credential - Full Stack JavaScript certification from Rutgers Coding Bootcamp. I've enjoyed learning how to build APIs, manage version control, and make full-featured applications with database integration.

My Work

Word Wars!

Word Wars!

  • Highly addictive typing game built on NodeJS
  • Type the words affixed to the aliens to destroy them.
  • Log in to record scores and stats.
  • Front-End built with Bootstrap and Handlebars.
  • developed with Zintis, Louis and Analben


  • Travel app used for quick research on anyplace you plan to take a trip to.
  • Uses various JSON APIs to load weather, news and attractions for queried locations.
  • User's recent queries saved in local storage, queries from all visitors saved in Firebase.
Pretty Picture Reddit Ripper

Pretty Picture Ripper

  • A sub-Reddit scraper built on NodeJS that pulls image links into MongoDB.
  • Front end uses MaterializeCSS and Handlebars.
Star Wars Hangman

Star Wars Hangman

  • Hangman game written in Vanilla JavaScript
  • Node server deployed on Heroku.
Crystal Collector!

Crystal Collector

  • Math game made with jQuery
  • Click a crystal to add its value to your total. But don't go over!
Meetup 2 Eatup

Meetup 2 Eatup

  • Early version of a social app design to match people by similar location and food preference
  • Uses Yelp API and Google Places to search places
  • Matches registered users by preferences stored in MySQL